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This Is What Our Clients Say about Us behind Our Backs

We solve challenges, and let our success stories speak for themselves.
Translated for you lawyer-types: "The proof is in the pudding."
Translated for you business-types: "The bottom line looks good."
Translated for you IT-types: "001000010000100"


Sussman Shank, LLP

Our Challenge: The Vice President of one of our competitors gave us a ring. He wanted to know if we could assist his wife, Judy, in finding full-time employment.

The Staffing Solution: Needing a top-level secretary to the managing partner, Judy went to interview at Sussman Shank where they drooled over her background, professionalism and abilities. "We have confidence that Staffing Solutions will refer quality candidates the first time, every time."

Steve Seguin
Executive Director
Sussman Shank, LLP



Our Challenge: PacifiCorp had a critical mission that required expertise in property plat descriptions, understanding of title issues, eminent domain, and other technical legal issues that are WAY too boring to describe here.

The Staffing Solution: "We fell in love with the staff they found for this project: all are professional, well mannered, and technically astute. We could not be more pleased with Staffing Solutions' comments to finding the right fit."

Sylvia Ernard
Property Agent


Blount International, Inc.

"I needed to hire a new Corporate Counsel for our Legal Department. Staffing Solutions' thorough search for experience, requisite skills, background checking, as well as personality fit our corporate culture right on the mark."

Richard H. Irving, III
Former Sr. VP, General Counsel & Secretary
Blount International, Inc.


Michael D. Schrunk, Esq.

"Staffing Solutions has sent us experienced and well-qualified candidates. They are adept at matching up professionals who are a good fit with our organization."

Michael D. Schrunk, Esq.
Multnomah County District Attorney


Schulte, Anderson, Downes, Aronson & Bittner

"I cannot find enough good things to say about Staffing Solutions, its wonderful owners and staff. The firm thanks Staffing Solutions for its commitment to excellence, and I personally give my gratitude to them for making my job so much easier."

Lee Aronson, Esq. Managing Partner
Schulte, Anderson, Downes, Aronson & Bittner, P.C.


PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.

"I have used the services of the principals at Staffing Solutions since 1979, first as a Legal Administrator, and now while working with a local hi-tech company. They have always provided me with highly-qualified applicants and excellent support, which optimized the HR process."

Jon Stacey
Past President, Oregon Legal Management Association (OLMA)
Former Vice President - Operations, PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.


Gazzola & Hull, P.C.

"As a small office with two busy trial attorneys, when our receptionist or legal secretary calls in sick, we call Staffing Solutions. Within an hour, someone who is qualified to answer our phones, take accurate messages, and be professional with our clients, arrives ready to work."

Charles D. Gazzola, Esq.
Gazzola & Hull, P.C.



"Staffing Solutions has provided our company with talented and enthusiastic applicants. They take the time to thoroughly understand our needs, challenges, goals and company culture."

Linell Wortman, HR Director
Jim Coffeey, VP Sales
Rick Schermerhorn, President


TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.

Our Challenge: We estimated that we would need 16 temporary employees for two straight weeks and speed was of the essence. I was given the privilege of calling Staffing Solutions on a Friday afternoon.

The Staffing Solution: “Zeta and her team came through with all 16 people, and we're not talking bottom of the temp-chain people. These folks had the skills we needed — data entry, accurate, attention to detail. We were saved!!!”

Beth Beran
Corporate Accounting Manager
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.


M & A Forum

Our Challenge: We needed an option to build our core staff by hiring key technical employees with a quick and accurate turnaround.

The Staffing Solution: "In our business of building highly complex technology solutions, hiring new technical talent can be tricky. Staffing Solutions help us pinpoint the right technical talent in a flooded marketing."


Pacific Intermedia

"When any issue arises, Staffing Solutions provide rapid resolution, excellent communication and follow through. We look forward to our continued work together."

Michael Clark, VP Business Development
Pacific Intermedia


Brown & Brown

Our Challenge: Our company's most important assets are its employee, and we need as much time as possible to decide if ours' have what it takes to become permanent.

The Staffing Solution: Staffing Solutions does an excellent job getting to know our staff, the business we're in and our culture to come up with some of our most qualified staff members.

Timothy Nielsen, CIC
Former Profit Center Leader
Fullerton & Co., a Brown & Brown, Inc. Company


Cummins, Goodman, Fish, Denley & Vickers

Our Challenge: We got a special request from one of our loyal clients, Cummins, Goodman, Fish, Denley & Vickers, P.C., in McMinnville. Their firm has shareholder interest in the Bishop Creek Farms vineyard, and were looking for a vineyard manager.

The Staffing Solution: Having never staffed a vineyard before, Staffing Solutions made some phone calls to people in the wine community. The owner of the Eyrie Vineyards referred his son, Jason. Jason had been under the prestigious tutelage of Eyrie since he was old enough to weed. Our clients knew they had struck gold and made an offer, which Jason accepted.

Reuel Fish, Esq.
President, Bishop Creek Farms, Inc., dba Urban Wineworks
Managing Partner, Cummins, Goodman, Fish, Denley & Vickers, P.C.


John Henry Hingson III, Esq.

Our Challenge: John Henry Hingson III, Esq. called us in a panic. His trusted and valued legal assistant had just given notice and he needed someone with top-notch organizational skills, keen judgment, ability to manage case files and professional abilities beyond the norm.

The Staffing Solution: We thought of Jennifer, a J.D. whom they had placed as a stellar legal assistant/secretary but no longer wanted to practice law as a solo practioner. We made all the arrangements and Jennifer went for her interview. "It was truly a match made in heaven!"

John Henry Hingson III, Esq.
Attorney at Law



Our Challenge: We we looking for a new "Face" of the company. Our front desk coordinator was leaving, and we needed a new professional with all the skills to match ASAP!

The Staffing Solution: As it always is when it comes to working with Staffing Solutions, it's been a perfect match!! "Staffing Solutions placed me in my role as well, and I can certainly attest to how great it's been to work with them from a personal perspective!"

Tanya Traughber


Interim Healthcare

"Our Portland office had difficulty finding the right person to fill the much needed front desk position. This position is the hub of our office. Staffing Solutions sent over the perfect fit each time we had a need. The turnaround time was amazing and the quality of the employee sent was like we had hand-picked the perfect person ourselves."

Claire Olson
Interim Healthcare of Oregon, Inc.
Interim Healthcare of Spokane, Inc.