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New Client Company Credit Confidential Information Form | Download PDF

If you are a new client company interested in doing business with us, please fill out the following confidential credit/trade information and fax or email back to us. All information will be kept in strict confidence. If you have placed an inquiry job order request through our website and have not worked with us in the past, we will need this form completed prior to us processing your request.

Customer Access to Online Timesheets/Approval

For more information on getting activated, set up, and how to use this online system, please contact our office at 503.295.9948.

This is a web-based, browser accessed system for Employee timesheet entry and Client approval.

This is an online, easy-to-use tool for both the Employee and Client. The Web Time sheet has the potential for creation, submission & approval of timesheets in mere minutes because it is entirely web-based.