Employment Agency in Portland

Legal Support

The question is, "Can Staffing Solutions help me?"
Our answer is, "We can, we do, and we will."

Rigorous Testing

Our tests for legal support applicants are some of the industry's most rigorous. Candidates can expect to spend two to three hours completing our registration process, profiling his/her years' experience, particular practice strengths, and certifications. We test for proficiency in:

  • Typing for WPM and accuracy
  • Transcription proficiency
  • Typographical proofing test
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Pleading set-up and formatting
  • Legal vocabulary
  • Legal spelling
  • Filing

Depending on the specific position requirements, we will also test for various software application proficiencies, including the entire Microsoft Office Suite and WordPerfect among others.

Winnowing Wheat from Chaff

We interview intensively. Our intention is to clarify fully the candidate's professional background and experience, career goals, working environment preferences, and salary parameters discussion, inter alia. When satisfied that our candidate's experience, skills, character, and personality are a "fit" with the client firm position opening, we introduce the client to the candidate.

Time is Money … Your Money

We're not going to send you two dozen resumes, either. At Staffing Solutions, we shun the indiscriminate and embrace the focused. We present only the best. Relationships come first: we value yours, so we won't waste your time.