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Dressing for Your Interview

What are you going to wear to your interview?

We’ve all got the short answer to this question memorized: dark blue suit, white shirt, black shoes, and a conservative tie for men. But, ug, how boring is that?! Wouldn’t it be better to express yourself, to wear what you would normally wear on a day to day basis? In a word: no. An interview, especially a first interview, is a special occasion. It is the evening wedding of the business world. It may be perfectly acceptable to wear jeans and a tee shirt when your friend Betty invites you over to her house for an afternoon barbeque; but if Betty invites you to her 5pm wedding, jeans and a tee shirt just aren’t going to cut it.

At Staffing Solutions, we have seen it all; from tux pants and tee shirt to blue jeans and boleros. The simple truth is that a suit make a better impression than blue jeans. Do you need to stick exactly to the dark blue suit recipe? No, but you should definitely err on the conservative side. Black suits, tan suits, grey suits, are all perfectly acceptable. The important thing is that they’re clean, wrinkle free, and fit comfortably (read: not too tight, revealing, or baggy).

The good news is that we are only talking a few hours of your life. Most jobs will not expect you to wear full professional dress every day. Look around during your interview. What are people wearing at the company you are interviewing with? If everyone is dressed to the nines and you are more of a slacks and graphic tee sort of person, then maybe that is not going to be the best fit for you. But you want that to be your decision, not theirs.