Employment Agency in Portland


At Staffing Solutions, we place attorneys in all practice areas for both law firms and corporate/municipal legal departments. Best match suitability - personally and professionally - means we find "Attorneys for Attorneys."

Temp/Contract Assignments

As with our other service areas, we provide contract attorneys in various kinds of assignments, both short and long term. From document review to trial assistance, to litigation support, we provide resources to help ease the work load. As a contract attorney, you can expect to earn a little extra cash while we search for the ideal full-time position for you.

Full-Time/Direct Hires

We work on ee/contingency or exclusive searches for full-time/direct hire openings. We have the expertise to place attorneys in all practice areas from Antitrust to Zoning.


K-Counsel®. Attorneys for Attorneys®. We know... that's a lot of circled R's. We seek to convey confidence in our ability to find, screen, evaluate, and place attorneys with the skills our clients need, when and where they need them, and in whom they can place their own confidence.